tocario trueDaaS®

flexible, simple and secure
cloud desktop technology.
Everything you need to provide cloud hosted virtual desktops.
anywhere. any time. to any device.
tocario trueDaaS cloud

tocario trueDaaS®

DaaS true Agility
Deliver on-demand workspaces.
anywhere. any time. to any device.

Starting from one desktop for just one month.
DaaS true Simplicity
Simple and competitive alternative to VDI.

Deliver desktops that beat Citrix, VMware
and Amazon Workspaces on flexibility and
DaaS true Security
Protect your data and applications and
ensure workspace continuity.

backup & recovery. identify & access.
data & HDD encryption.

tocario trueDaaS®

tocario Virtual Desktop Container
access real virtual PC Hardware
instead of just a virtual Windows.

We call it Desktop-Infrastructure-as-Service:
Virtualize any Desktop OS - even Legacy Software - as a cloud service
or enable personal harddisk encryption - that's flexibility and security.

Virtual desktop container tocario

A virtual desktop for every occasion

Desktop on Demand has evolved into Desktop-as-a-Service
tocario deskMate is a true Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution for enterprise customers and partners. With this solution, virtual desktop workplaces, including the operating system together with all the applications and data, are made available online from a data center in Germany. The tocario trueDaaS technology allows customers to begin with a small environment, and to then expand it by rolling out hundreds of desktops in an instant. This means that tocario deskMate can perfectly accommodate your changing business needs by following your business demand.
Open to all operating systems and applications
Tocario’s technology is completely agnostic towards operating systems or user devices – there are minimal requirements to use deskMate. Not only can your virtual desktop workplaces be accessed from virtually all user-devices, but you can also install any x86 operating system (including 64-bit systems) and any kind of application on your virtual cloud desktop. You can run operating systems such as Windows, Linux, BSD (Mac OS), or even OS/2, and applications such as SAP, MS Access or Datev, in a collective Desktop-as-a-Service environment. Not only that, but even operating systems that are no longer officially supported can be used with deskMate in a virtual environment, so you can continue using “legacy” software without any problems or limitations.
Bring your own Device (BYOD)
deskMate Desktop-as-a-Service makes it much more simple to implement a "Bring your own Device" organisational policy. Employees can use their personal IT devices for anywhere accessing the company resscources. With deskMate installed on the devices they work with a standardized interface which remains technologically isolated from the private environment. The commonly encountered security and data privacy risks of the BYOD model can consequently be easily resolved with deskMate. The risky synchronization of data with the user device can be suppressed altogether, safeguarding the company’s critical data against loss or theft.
Your own network
All cloud desktops are located in a separate, sealed-off network for each customer. This network is protected against online attacks by a dedicated firewall, which is independently controlled by each customer. It is also possible to link desktops with the company's own network via a freely selectable VPN tunnel without impacting the connection to deskMate. With its cloud-connection-box tocario offers a simple and unique solution for seamlessly connecting the entire deskMate network to the corporate IT infrastructure, providing direct access to network drives and printers.
Working with desktop pools
Specific customer requirements can be accommodated by using desktop pools. Pools for test and development environments for implementing software development projects quickly and easily. Pools for software demos for making native and non online-capable software products available online for customer tests and sales support purposes. Or desktop pools for working on collaboration projects together with freelancers or employees at branch offices.

tocario DaaS technology equals serious security

TLS and HDD encryption
All data is securely transmitted using proven TLS encryption in conjunction with secure hard disk storage. Particularly sensitive data can be protected with an additional disk encryption using technologies such as TrueCrypt. Personalized access to the data on a desktop after entering a user name and password, with optional two-factor authentication, offers even more enhanced security. Not even tocario as the hosting provider is able to access any customer data without consent and cooperation.
Access and user privileges
The user or administrator of the tocario deskMate environment can grant different access and user privileges to individual users or entire teams whenever required. This allows the usage of external USB hard drives to be restricted to prevent the copying of data, for instance. Additionally, deskMate can be connected to prevailing directory servers such as MS Active Directory or Univention UCS for integrating the user management into an established environment.
Data privacy compliance
Germany's Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) stipulates the measures that have to be taken to fulfill legal requirements. tocario’s Desktop-as-a-Service technology was consistently developed and implemented pursuant to BDSG guidelines. For business customers an ISO 27001 certification of the data center, encrypted data transfers, and a secure user management module, guarantee reliable protection for all your enterprise data. If required, we will provide you with all the documents relating to the BDSG certification, together with a generally applicable agreement concerning order data processing (ODP).
Backup & recovery
All data on the virtual desktops is safeguarded against loss at all times. It is stored on multiple redundant disk systems and mirrored at several sites. Users can additionally create individual backups of their own desktops to make their data even more secure. Backups can be created and restored in the administration portal with a few mouse clicks.
Engineered and hosted in Germany
Tocario’s technology is not only Made in Germany, it is also hosted in Germany. This means that all cloud desktops which are directly provided by tocario are located at one of Germany's most secure data centers, and have been planned and implemented in line with state-of-the-art infrastructure standards. All desktops are run in a highly redundant scale-out cluster, safeguarding them against any possible hardware problems. What does this actually mean for our customers?
  • Data center with ISO 27001 German standards authority certification and therefore conformant with the Federal Data Protection Act
  • Redundant scale-out cluster infrastructure with a guaranteed availability of 99,95%
  • Backup & recovery for every desktop including all applications and data, so you can work with peace of mind

Virtual Desktops - convenient and simple

The deskMate infrastructure was implemented in line with best practice principles for large-scale enterprise data centers. Customers benefit from the team's years of experience in the field of virtualization and automation of global data center infrastructures. tocario’s technology uses at the highest automation level without restricting the capability for customized settings. Consequently, you don't have to be an expert in IT infrastructures to administer the Desktop-as-a-Service environment itself.
Administration portal
deskMate is based on the tocario trueDaaS technology, which provides a fully automated, maintenance-free DaaS platform. With the aid of the online administration portal, you can add, modify or extend your virtual desktops with just a few mouse clicks. Managing your entire desktop environment and your users is quick and easy.
Installing software
Users of the virtual desktop environment can themselves install any software they like with no restrictions whatsoever - provided that the appropriate user authorization has been configured by the administrator. New software components are installed either using the local CD/DVD drive, from an uploaded image file, or via connected network drives. You can even upload software ISO images to a software repository and perform installations directly from there. The architecture of the tocario trueDaaS technology allows you to run any software application, be it Microsoft Office, SAP or Datev. Even VPN software, which causes problems with other desktop virtualization technologies, is fully functional with deskMate.
A template is a copy of a system configuration containing all its parameters with the operating system, applications and settings. Creating templates and copies minimizes the time and effort spent on bulk installations, and considerably speeds up the roll-out of large-scale, homogeneous desktop environments. This allows multiple identical desktops to be created and used immediately within a very short time. The template function also enables users to reset their virtual desktops to any desired state whenever required.
3 steps...
... to your own Desktop-as-a-Service environment:
  • Define the size and number of the new environment
  • Decide how many free and optional operating systems are to be preinstalled
  • Store your personal data and start working

Save up to 50% of you desktop TCO (total cost of ownership)

True Desktop-as-a-Service

With deskMate Desktop-as-a-Service, customers always retain full control over the cost of their desktop environment, as desktops can be added or cancelled on a monthly basis from the very first instance. For high volume desktop pools even hourly billing can be implemented. The billing model thus offers total flexibility and keeps in line with the company's actual business developments. Without any of the upfront investments and additional administration costs that are a prerequisite for a traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Low hardware requirements

Since deskMate only has low requirements with regard to users' display devices, existing hardware can stay in service for longer than the usual life cycle of 4 years - without compromising on the desktop speed or usable software. Running costs can be optimized even further by using thin clients. All that is required is an adequately dimensioned internet connection: a desktop with standard office applications will run happily with just 128 KB/s per workplace.

Software licensing costs and CALs

Existing licenses for operating systems or applications can continue to be used in deskMate to save costs. This is because, from a licensing point of view, deskMate is a virtual hardware without a preinstalled operating system, and any approved license can be installed on it. If no licenses are available, a free Linux or a hosted Windows environment can be directly installed as the operating system from the administration portal.
The fact is this: The special architecture of the tocario trueDaaS technology obviates the need to buy Client Access Licenses (CALs) to access a Windows desktop. This saves you real money.

Shared Desktops

deskMate allows the shared use of one and the same desktop workplace with all its applica-tions and data. This is especially practical where teams at different locations are using special applications. With a desktop pool for graphics processing work, for instance, the cloud desktops can be accessed from Berlin, London or New York. This streamlines the teamwork and reduces costs because licenses for expensive software can be legally used by multiple users.*

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enables companies to achieve cost savings of at least 12% per workplace over a dedicated PC workplace from as few as 50 workplaces. deskMate goes even further: Compared to traditional desktops, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be reduced by up to 50%. And in comparison to Enterprise VDI, the deskMate Desktop-as-a-Service solution additionally saves around 30% of the total costs with 50 or more workplaces. Read more in our TCO White Paper.

* The legal situation with regard to licensing users is to be verified first on a case-by-case basis. We will be glad to assist and advise you.

True, next generation Desktop-as-a-Service technology

Optimized for low bandwidths
The Desktop-as-a-Service technology specially developed by tocario is not based on an established virtual desktop or remote desktop technology. The trueDaaS technology was developed from the ground up as an authentic cloud-based technology, and optimized for use with low bandwidths. This means that deskMate offers a smooth user experience even at low bandwidths. Taking a standard desktop workplace with office applications, bandwidth savings of up to 80% compared to VDI technologies commonly used today can thus be realized with tocario technology.
Full performance
deskMate replaces your monitor cable with the internet. All information and graphics data are processed on high-performance computers at the data center, and are then sent to your device as encrypted pixels. The user's terminal is therefore only used to display the screen contents. This allows computing-intensive graphics or video data to be processed via mobile Internet without any sacrifices in quality.
Media ready
The two-way audio support also enables the use of applications such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP). Even peripheral audio devices such as a microphone or speakers can be used with deskMate Desktop-as-a-Service. And USB devices can be passed through on a one-to-one basis.

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